CandyMan - Fabian Villarreal (2)

Candyman’s Highlights:


  • Won lowrider car of the year
  • Truck of the year
  • Pure Insanity truck of the year
  • Prophecy bomb truck of the year
  • Prophecy bike of the year another bike of the year prophecy truck of the year
  • RM series car of the year
  • Las Vegas sweepstakes winners include:
  • Chico Sanchez 64 Impala
  • Azlan three-time 3rd place sweepstakes
  • Pure Insanity sweepstakes
  • Prophecy sweepstakes
  • One bad Max sweepstakes
  • Outcast Camaro sweepstakes

Media Features:

  • Lowrider magazine (30+ Times)
  • Hot Bike Magazine
  • Mini Truckin magazine
  • Truckin magazine
  • Inked magazine
  • Scrape magazine
  • Bajito magazine


  • If you can think it, Kandy Kustomz can make it happen
  • Only limited by your wallet

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